The New Sales Normal: Jeffrey Gitomer

The New Sales Normal: Jeffrey Gitomer

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the world as we know it has been turned on its head. The business world has not been immune to these changes, and a “new sales normal” has resulted. For those dreaming of a return to how things were before COVID-19, my guest today has some bad news for you.

My guest today is King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer. Jeffrey is a sales coach, consultant, and public speaker who has written more than 15 books on sales. His latest book, Go Live!, discusses the unique opportunities that the pandemic has afforded us: live, virtual, and video. He says we are never going back to the way business was done before the pandemic, and he is here today to tell us how we can brand ourselves digitally.

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A Positive Change

We’ve gone through major changes since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. At 2:40, Jeffrey speaks about how the new sales normal can be a good thing. You are now saving a ton of time on traveling to meet with a prospect. Instead, you can fit more calls and meetings in per day, without spending much money.

The New Normal

Listen at 9:05 to hear Jeffrey discuss the evolution of sales. The pandemic has led to a major change in sales technology. In this new sales normal, virtual is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. However, it’s not enough to just go live. You must create a strategy for your professional look. How is your lighting and background? Are you putting out a product that you are truly proud of?

Jeffrey has embraced this new normal, going live on Facebook daily to connect with people around the world. He’s on LinkedIn, YouTube, and StreamYard, just to name a few.

Figure Out Your Brand and Social Footprint

You probably think that no one cares who you are. At 12:45, Jeffrey speaks about how this assumption is a dangerous one. Customers have always Googled you. Now more than ever before, you are on display. Take the time to build your internet footprint so a prospective client finds you and knows you before you even meet.

Video isn’t the new black; it’s the new green.

This time last year, you would have sent out a sales proposal via email. Under the new sales normal, this isn’t enough. Listen at 15:00 to hear Jeffrey discuss Hippo video, a unique technology that allows him to embed video into his emails. He has the ability to communicate with clients in a more personal way than ever before.

Do the Work on Yourself

Social media may be easy for millennials, but older sales professionals may struggle with the ins and outs. At 18:40, Jeffrey discusses how this is not an excuse in the new sales normal. If you aren’t Internet or social media savvy, take the time to learn more. Without an impressive profile, you are already in a losing position. Remember, it’s your brand – do the work on yourself.

The Secret Word of Sales: Attraction

Why do people buy products and services? The answer is simple: because they are something that the person wants or needs. At 22:20, Jeffrey explains how you can take advantage of this knowledge. Targeting your content and post it with enough tags to ensure your target market finds it. This way, you already know that the people seeing what you put out were already looking for it.

The important thing to remember about attraction in sales is that it is the perceived value of what you are offering. You have to put out something that people want and need. For example, if you are selling to a client who works in lumber, put out content about safety. This offers your customer something unique and beneficial.

You Will Lose Without Video

The new sales normal isn’t going away anytime soon, if at all. If you are hesitant to start making video, Jeffrey has a warning for you. At 26:10, he talks about how you will lose the customer by not keeping up with the times. The sales game has changed, and the only way to succeed is to join.

A Focus on Buys

Having a strong social media presence is important. Listen at 44:35 to hear Jeffrey discuss how you can use your presence to get the client to buy. Use your reputation silently. Just as you would look up a potential purchase online, your clients are also looking you up. Ensure you put your strongest face forward so that you make the client want to see more.

Making Humor Work in Business

Everyone loves to laugh, and injecting some humor into your business conversations is a great way to break the ice. But there’s a right and wrong way to use humor. At 48:30, Jeffrey gives his advice on how to ensure your jokes land smoothly. Always make the joke about you first, and then open up to the audience.

When we come out of the pandemic, the new sales normal will still be in effect. As you reconnect with those you haven’t seen in a while, take some time to listen before you try to laugh. The pandemic has had varying effects on us all. While some will be happy to joke about the toilet paper shortage, others have lost loved ones.

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