A Very Special Profit Express Christmas with Scott Baker

A Very Special Profit Express Christmas with Scott Baker

Holiday wishes abound in this week’s episode of The Profit Express! My guest today is no stranger to bringing the laughs to the show. He is improv comedian Scott Baker, one of the Quickest Thinkers in Comedy. Scott is here to celebrate Christmas with chats and games about some of the most popular Christmas songs and toys. Play along, and see if you can beat Scott!

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The Top Christmas Tunes

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the music! But not every song is a great one. We checked out Ranker’s listing of the Top 20 Christmas songs of all time. Listen at 8:00 where Scott guesses what cracked the top 10.

We also talk about how music tastes change with every generation. Do today’s kids even know Paul McCartney? What will the most popular Christmas songs look like in a few years? See if you can guess some of the other top Christmas songs of all time – and if you can guess which tunes Scott and I prefer!

Our Fondest Holiday Traditions

Family, friends, and traditions make for the best holiday memories. If anything, 2020 should show you just how important it is to treasure these moments with your loved ones while you still can. At 23:50, Scott talks about some of his favorite Christmas traditions from when he was growing up and visiting his very Italian family in Brooklyn.

Biggest Christmas Toys of All Time

It wouldn’t be Christmas morning without plenty of toys under the tree. Every year there is a big “must have” present. Listen at 32:40 for a blast from the past, when Scott guesses some of the most popular holiday gifts of all time. Scott guesses on the top toys of the 1960s, and there are some surprises on the list!


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