Sales Stories, Legends and Longshots Part I

Sales Stories, Legends and Longshots Part I

Sales Stories, Legends and Longshots

Sales Stories, Legends and Longshots make for a great conversation!!!  If you are in sales or own your own business this is podcast gold.  This show was the idea of Profit Express contributor and financial guru Phil Capell of Piermont Wealth Management.

Phil asked if he could interview me!  I had never been interviewed on my own show.  I thought this could be a blast.  So here is what happens when Phil Capell interviews Tim Healy.

First of all Phil is a natural at interviewing.  He asked great questions that got me thinking and talking about one of my favorite topics – sales.

Phil’s questions allowed me to share some amazing Sales Stories, Legends and Longshots.  I hope YOU enjoy!

Sales Stories

“So Tim, tell me about your 1st ever sale” Phil asked.  This was a story I haven’t told in a long time.  My 1st sale happened while I was a freshman at a fund-raising job for a university in Ohio.  That 1st sale showed me how powerful it is to listen.

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Here is the story.  After making countless calls I encountered an alumnus who was pissed with the school.  When she heard me asking for a donation she let loose.  She went into a tirade describing her disappointment with the school.  I was shocked to say the least.  Since I was given nothing more than the script, I didn’t know how to deal with her frustration.  So during her rant I decided to shut up and listen.  I let her tell her story.

Listening to her story was how I was able to connect.  When she questioned why she should give money to a university that did her wrong – I paused and took a deep breath.  Then I said, “I completely understand why you are mad with the university, I don’t blame you.  But if you make a donation don’t think of your money going to the school but think of it helping students like me.”  Silence!  I said nothing and just listened.  I didn’t know what else to do.  Then I hear her call out to her husband and ask, “How much can we give!”  At that moment I realized the power of listening and connecting with another human being.


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Phil wanted to know who are my sales legends.  That was a tough question.  As you will hear I couldn’t just give one.  I ended up giving four sales legends.  I was able to interview two of them on the show.  One of my All-Time favorite Sales Legends is the World’s Greatest Salesman Joe Girard who was a Guinness Book of Records holder for selling the most cars.  Then another Sales Legend has to be Famous Pitchman Anthony Sullivan of Oxi Clean fame.  The lessons they share on my show were just amazing.


Listen to Part II at 22:17

Then the conversation led to the funniest story from one of my training sessions.  I always tell sales people not to waste time with unqualified prospects.  One of the lines I use ONLY in training is: “Hey dry cleaning is expensive I don’t want to put on a suit and tie and go across town and waste my time if you are not qualified.”

One of the sales people who recorded prospecting calls for a training session actually used that exact line with a prospect!!!  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Shame on me!  I assumed everyone knew it was tongue and cheek.

After I stopped laughing and wiped the tears from my eyes I was amazed it worked.  The sales person actually got the appointment!!!  The sales person said it with such conviction the prospect said yes.

So there you have it.  I have to thank Phil Capell again for a great idea.  It allowed me to share some of my favorite Sales Stories, Legends and Longshots!

There are lots more great sales lessons in my other podcasts – download and give a listen!


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