Workplace Disengagement

Workplace Disengagement

Workplace Disengagement

If you don’t want to go to work today you are in good company.  7 out of 10 Americans are not happy at work.  That’s right, 70% of American’s don’t like their jobs.

In 2013 The Gallup Organization Workplace Survey revealed that only 30 percent of US workers like their job.

Research is showing that disengagement is costing Corporate America $500 billion annually in lost productivity.  Are you one of the 70% of people who don’t like work?

What can be done?  If you are a manager or employee you will want to hear my interview on The Profit Express (WRHU – FM, NY) with Engagement Evangelist – Ruth Ross  .  Ruth took her 30 years of corporate experience as an HR executive at numerous Fortune 100 companies and became an evangelist, author and speaker.

Ross wrote “Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Career,” which explores the epidemic of employee disengagement in Corporate America.

What about the other 70 percent?  That’s the percentage of the workforce that said they felt disengaged, with 18 percent of these employees identified as actively disengaged.  In other words the 18% are the ones completely checked out.

How should you look at workplace disengagement?  Let’s look at 3 levels of engagement.

Highly engaged workers produce more in less time, contribute to the bottom line, and stay with their company longer.  They are great unfortunately they are only 30% of your workforce.

Disengaged employees get little satisfaction out of their work and are not loyal to the organization.

Actively disengaged workers are very difficult to turn around and have burned too many bridges to ever be successful.  So how would you rate yourself? 

Nearly 1 in 5 of your workers are checked out and could careless about their job other than collecting a paycheck.

Employees who have “checked out” are costing you and your company big bucks.  Make sure to listen to my interview with Ruth Ross!


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