Hilary Topper: Crafting a Digital Marketing Plan

Hilary Topper: Crafting a Digital Marketing Plan

Going digital is just another part of any business today. Now more than ever, it is essential to have a digital marketing plan to reach your audience. How do you know who your market is? What’s the best way to approach marketing?

My guest today literally wrote the book on forming a digital marketing plan. She is Hilary Topper, CEO of HJMT Public Relations, and author of a new book, Branding in a Digital World. Hilary is a social media and marketing expert with decades of experience getting her clients out there.

If you missed part one of my discussion with Hilary, you can download it here.

Do You Have Influence?

Social media is vital to every business. For bigger brands, it is absolutely worth working with an influencer. Listen at 2:10 to hear about these key people on social media who make big bucks because of their number of followers. 

Is it worth it? In most cases, the return on investment for influencer marketing is tremendous. 

Seeking a Small Influencer

Small business owners likely don’t have the budget for a large scale influencer, and that’s okay! There is a great benefit to working with someone with smaller reach.

How do you make an influencer part of your digital marketing plan? It can be as simple as looking at what you already have. If you have a frequent customer, Google his or her name. Does the customer have a big social media following? If the answer is “yes,” reach out and see if there is mutual interest in working together.

Backlash is Part of the Process

If your audience gives you backlash, you did something wrong, right? Not necessarily. Listen at 13:00 to hear Hilary discuss how even she receives backlash on her blogs and social media. If you aren’t getting some backlash, you’re doing something wrong.

Making a Blog Fit Your Business

A blog can be a great addition to your digital marketing plan, and an easy way to build and keep an audience, no matter what the focus of your business is. At 16:50, Hilary talks about the importance of consistency in blogging. Once a month simply isn’t enough to build an audience.

But how do you choose what to post? Hilary recommends thinking of real life events and seeing how you can spin them for readers.

Consistency is Key

Whether you are posting on your business blog or communicating with customers, it’s all about consistency. Listen at 22:20 where Hilary speaks on this important factor. Being able to follow up in a timely manner is vital.

The Growth of Podcasting

These days you can find a podcast on everything. Should you make one as part of your digital marketing plan? At 29:00, Hilary talks about how simple it is to launch a show. You can even do it out of your own home! This is just another way to create content that hits your target audience.

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