John Jantsch: Pursue Your Passions

John Jantsch: Pursue Your Passions

Do you dream of starting your own business? Each year, millions of people set out to become entrepreneurs. For many, their lone goal is to make as much money as possible. However, as my guest today knows, chasing money over happiness is never worth it. His new book speaks to the heart of entrepreneurs, and will inspire you to pursue your passions. 

My guest today is John Jantsch, the author of Duct Tape Marketing. His latest book, Self-Reliant Entrepreneur, features 366 daily meditations to help inspire and motivate business owners. 

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What is Unique about You?

How do you find your path as a business owner? Listen at 1:30 where John discusses his entry from January 9th, a quote from “A Life Imagined” by Henry David Thoreau. 

John believes that we are all unique, and that our destiny involves making an impact on the world. Too often, entrepreneurs choose a product or service to focus on because they believe it will make them the most money. However, by taking this approach, we are no longer maximizing joy.

Think of what you are passionate about. Instead of starting a business to make money, how can you pursue your passions and use them to help others? The key is to find the things that you want to do, and using our unique talents. 

Embrace the Difficult Parts of Business

On March 14th’s entry, John includes a quote by Mark Twain on difficulty. He questions entrepreneurs to think about the hard things they do.

At 4:35, John talks about how our real joy is what we are willing to struggle for. The only things in life that we can control is how we show up and how we respond when things get tough. We have to intentionally make ourselves uncomfortable to prepare for these hard moments. The reason we do tough things is because the reward, joy, and impact are all worth it. 

Leading by Example

We hear it all the time. Everyone says that it is important to lead by example. But why is this such an important concept to follow in business and in life?

Listen at 10:00 where John discusses how leading by example is essential for entrepreneurs today. People take cues from you and how you act. If you are trying to change the world and impact others, it starts from within. As business owners, we have to treat our teams the way we would want to be treated. Doing this ensures our team members treat customers in a respectful way as well. 

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