Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Limits: Don Mann

Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Limits: Don Mann

Adversity and challenge are the themes of 2020, both in and out of the business world. Today’s guest knows more than a little about facing adversity. He is a NYT Bestselling author, accomplished endurance athlete and former member of the Navy SEAL Team Six. He is Don Mann, and he is here to show you how to adopt the “combat mindset” that will help you shatter your boundaries.

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Inspired by a SEAL

A 20+ year member of the military, Don has always been inspired by the bravery of those who serve. Listen at 3:22 to hear the story of his fellow Navy SEAL, who was shot more than 20 times during a combat mission. Rather than walk away to save himself, the SEAL didn’t slow down or back off. He had a combat mindset, believing he had to get the job done, no matter what the cost

Starting Over During COVID-19

Like many of us, Don has found himself looking for a new outlet in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. At 9:45, he talks about a new mission in support of the SEALKIDS Foundation, which helps everyday kids in extraordinary circumstances. . Don started the Neptune Athletics clothing company to raise money for the Foundation. He has also launched the largest virtual adventure race in the world, with all proceeds going towards SEALKIDS.

A “Quitter” Label

Don Mann is a former member of the prestigious Navy SEAL Team Six. He went through extreme training to be able to call himself a SEAL – training he almost didn’t pass.

Listen at 13:00 to hear Don detail the pool challenge where he gave up on himself, earning the label no one wants – that of a quitter. After getting a second chance, Don refused to back down from the challenge. He needed someone tougher than he was to push him beyond his limits. Later in his SEAL career, this water challenge would save his life. He used the lessons he learned that day to survive a mission where his breathing apparatus failed.

The Fighter Within

Whether you realize it or not, you are capable of pulling more from yourself. At 27:00, Don discusses the motivational challenges facing many in the world. He believes that you do not need to be a Navy SEAL to push yourself. We all have a fighter mentality – we just haven’t tapped into it yet.

A Story of Capture

In his book, Reaching Beyond Boundaries, Don details a story of a mission where he and his fellow Navy SEALS were captured. Listen at 38:10 to hear how the group’s “survive and finish” attitude helped keep them alive. While we may not all be able to relate to the feeling of being captured and held at gunpoint, we have all been in situations where everything went wrong. There is powerful energy in our thoughts, no matter how challenging things may become.

Find Your Line

It seems like whenever we think of improving ourselves, we think about training our bodies. Listen at 48:15, where Don talks about how there is so much more to it than working harder at working out. As we reach a certain age, our bodies simply will not respond to heavy physical training as much as it used to. However, your mind can always get stronger.

Don believes that most people have an imaginary line that signifies their limit. But most people don’t even come close to hitting that line. Whether you are training in fitness, business, or a personal goal, try to touch that line before you are ready to back off.

Aiming a Little Higher

We all have goals for what we would like to achieve in this world. Are your goals challenging enough for you? At 54:50, Don discusses the problem with setting too easy of a goal. He says that while there is some happiness in accomplishing an easy task, there is no real fulfillment. You can never reach your full potential if you do not push yourself as far as you can go. Why not set a goal that almost feels out of each? You’d be surprised what you can achieve by pushing yourself to aim a little higher.


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