Reinventing Your Brand Part I

Reinventing Your Brand Part I

Reinventing Your Brand

If you are on the lookout for new ways to reinvent your brand and you want to learn more about influencer marketing and Social Media – then you are in luck because today’s guest has done it all.

He is Cliff Morgan – founder of Gamma Labs and G Fuel energy drinks for the online gaming market!  Cliff will share his secrets to success with you.

So how does the founder of an energy drink tap into the gaming market?  It takes an open mind, hustle and lots of creativity.

When Cliff made an initial $100k investment to have an MMA fighter sponsor their drink and it BOMBED – he knew it was time to reinvent the brand.

Enter the gaming market – what is the gaming market you ask?  Well very simply it is the many millions of people who play video games online on consoles and mobile devices.  There are gaming leagues, ESPN covers their tournaments and there are professional gamers who have made millions of dollars doing it.

What is the Potential of the Gaming Market?

The potential of the industry is tremendous.  There are over 70 million viewers worldwide who watch tournaments on television or streaming over the internet. Nearly 1 million people are watching Twitch (a newer social media platform) streams at any given moment.  Robert Morris University in Chicago even handed out athletic scholarships to pro gamers.

Reinventing Your Brand

Today’s guest Cliff Morgan came across a clever idea to reinvent his brand.  He simply handed out samples of his energy drink to gamers who were waiting on line to buy Call of Duty.  This happened in 2012 outside local Game Stop Stores in LA.

What happened next was a marketing case study.  Cliff combined an exploding industry, rapidly evolving technology, the relatively new Social Media platform Twitch, and the power of influencer marketing to create the hugely successful energy drink G-Fuel.

So if YOU are looking to Reinvent Your Brand or leverage a new marketing strategy DON’T GO ANYWHERE – this podcast is for YOU!

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