Who is Teaching the Teacher? Lynette Guastaferro Part I

Who is Teaching the Teacher?  Part I

Who is Teaching the Teachers?

Listen to my conversation with Lynette Guastaferro, Executive Director of Teaching Matters, who took her years of experience as a senior management consultant and decided to address a key problem in America’s educational system.

America spends more money on education than any other country in the world and our results aren’t great.  Recently data from PISA says that U.S. students rank around the middle in math and science.  Given America’s leading position in the global economy this is NOT acceptable – what is the answer?

Corporate America to the rescue!

If more money isn’t the answer, then where do we turn?  Well that is why I am excited to introduce you to a rather unexpected source – Corporate America.  That’s right, Lynette Guastaferro took her corporate experience as a consultant and decided to become an elementary school teacher.  That experience allowed her to understand the challenges facing teachers.  Now as the Executive Director of Teaching Matters Lynette is offering much needed professional development to today’s teachers.

Lynette finds that new teachers are basically being thrown into the classroom with little to no guidance or mentoring.   Coming from Corporate America Lynette knew that the work culture is one that thrives on motivation, collaboration and problem solving.

Those were the very elements missing with teachers and the educational system in America.  Lynette recognized 1st hand as a teacher the isolation of teachers, the lack of collaboration, and the absence of mentoring.  This culture leads to high turnover rates for teachers.

In my interview we discussed how there needs to be a fundamental shift in the field of teaching.  New teachers need mentoring by senior teachers as they begin their career.  The educational system should mirror the field of medicine.  Much like doctors go into a residence program where they are trained to be a doctor in a supervised environment.  Teachers need a similar environment where they can learn real world teaching skills under the supervision of senior faculty.

Let’s face it – our educational system impacts everyone.  The success of our children and our economy depends on us getting it right.  To learn more about Lynette and the great work of Teaching Matters – click here.

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