Tim Healy and Phil Capell On Becoming a Better Salesperson

Tim Healy and Phil Capell On Becoming a Better Salesperson

The sales industry has changed greatly over the last century. Becoming a better salesperson means adapting to these changes to win over prospects. 

My guest today is no stranger to the show. Phil Capell is a successful financial advisor and the founder of Piermont Wealth Management. He is also the “voice of finance” of The Profit Express. Today he has flipped the tables and has taken on the role of interviewer. Download today’s episode for my life with Healy Success Solutions, where I help clients take sales from prospects to profit. 

If you missed part 1 of my talk with Phil, you can download it here. 

Does Cold Calling Still Work?

Many experts say that cold calling is a dead sales tactic. At 1:14, I discuss why this is not completely true. Technology has changed how cold calling works, but it is still a very important skill. Today, online digital marketing and email campaigns have become more vital than ever before. Becoming a better salesperson means learning how to balance these tactics to reach your prospects. 

Have an Objective 

What is the goal of your initial communication with a prospect? Listen at 3:53 where I explain the importance of an objective. Are you looking to set up a meeting? Send information? Connecting with a prospect within 45 to 60 seconds is the key to success. You have to give the person on the other end a compelling reason to want to talk to you. 

How Much Research is Too Much?

With the Internet, you can do research on prospects before you ever call them. How much research is too much? At 5:30, I discuss how you should focus more on learning information about the company, rather than the person. 

Treat Prospects the Same

When you are speaking with a major prospect, never let your nerves show. Listen at 6:50 where I explain why part of becoming a better salesperson means knowing how to treat all prospects the same. The process is always the same, because it limits nerves and differing behaviors on both sides. 

Sales Solves Everything

The bottom line is cash flow. At 8:50, I discuss a famous Marc Cuban quote, where he says that “sales solves everything.” Don’t stress over the industry, product, or other things that you cannot control. It is vital that you don’t overthink things, and just go out and sell. 

Sales are Made on Emotion

During our discussion last year, I said that sales are still based on emotion. Listen at 10:28 where I explain why this still rings true. At the end of the day, when someone makes a decision to buy or not, it comes down to emotions. Salespeople can win or lose a sale with just a word or phrase, and it’s important to keep that in mind when interacting with prospects. 

My Favorite Sales Books

Looking for a little extra inspiration on your journey to becoming a better salesperson? At 12:20, I talk with Phil about some of my favorite sales books. I recommend each of these to both new and experienced sales professionals:

Sales Idols of Yesterday and Today

Whether you are new to sales, or you are a seasoned veteran, you probably have salespeople who you look up to. At 13:30, I list out some of my sales idols: Joe Girard, Anthony Sullivan, Ron Popeil, and Joe Adis.  

“Always Be Closing” is Right

There are plenty of movies, books, and television shows that feature salesmen. Listen at 16:25 where I explain why one of the most famous sales characters is also one of the best salesmen. Blake, Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross, exemplifies the Marc Cuban idea of “when in doubt, just go sell.” His approach may seem extreme, but he is correct that your value is in how much you can sell. Stop crying and complaining and sell something!

Everyone Can Be Coached

At 18:00, I lay out the truth about sales coaching. No matter what your circumstances are, you can be coached. The key is that you have to want to change. If you aren’t open to coaching and changing, no one will be able to help you. 

You can learn more about Phil Capell here. 

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