Launching a Business: Tania Speaks 

Tania Speaks on The Profit Express

Launching a Business

If you are like many people, you dream of working as your own boss. Launching a business takes more than just a great product or service. You need the passion and determination needed to succeed. 

During today’s interview, I speak with Brow Boost founder Tania A Speaks. Tania has been featured in Time, Forbes, and Black Enterprise magazines. At the age of just 17, this Hofstra freshman has already won numerous business pitch contests. She is currently majoring in entrepreneurship, and her story is an inspiring one. 

Part 2 of My Interview with Tania Speaks

In part 2 of my interview with Tania Speaks, we cover the growth of Brow Boost. Whether you are starting a business, or you are wondering how to be an entrepreneur, these lessons can help you. If you missed part 1 of my interview, you can check it out here. 

Out of the Bathroom and Into the Real World

At 2:58, Tania discusses when she knew that Brow Boost was becoming something real. After selling the formula to her classmates in her high school bathroom, Tania learned about an event for young entrepreneurs. Her mother showed her the flyer and encouraged her to attend. In just 3 short days, Tania put together her booth, table, and entire setup. 

The most important choice for the event? Tania decided on the perfect name for her product. Brow Boost was officially born. 

The First Validation

It was at this event that Tania had her first sale outside of her high school bathroom. One woman asked her story, and she was impressed with her pitch and by how well she knew her product. This woman became her first sale outside of the bathroom. 

Bringing the Customers to Her

One area where entrepreneurs struggle is understanding how to attract new customers. Listen at 6:00 to learn how for Tania, the choice to create a unique table brought people to her. She caught their attention with a beautiful aloe vera plant and natural colors. These details made people ask her more about her products. 

The Panel That Changed Everything

As part of the entrepreneur event, Tania was invited to speak before 50-60 people about her business. With no prior knowledge that she would be presenting to anyone, she said “yes” without hesitation. Like any successful business owner, she didn’t let fear overcome her.

This was the first time Tania spoke publicly about her bullying. Many were shocked to learn that she was going through it. For Tania, speaking in a public setting on such a difficult topic only made her more confident in launching a business. 

Moving to Manufacturing

After producing Brow Boost on her own at home, Tania knew it was time to expand. She wanted to make sure her customers were receiving the best product possible. Listen at 11:50 to learn about her taking the steps to partner with a community college in Maryland. Through this facility, she is able to create a bulk amount of product each week based on demand.

Traditional Marketing for a Modern Product

Today, it seems like every brand has a presence on social media. At 13:30, Tania explains why she prefers a more old-school approach to getting the word out. She grew her business by word of mouth. Through the years, she has seen the most success by letting her customers tell others about the gel. 

The Perfect Pitch

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that you need more than a good idea to make a sale. In addition to being a business owner, Tania has won several pitch competitions.

Even at a young age, Tania has mastered one of the most important lessons in sales. You must always be prepared to present and adapt your message based on time limits, setting, and the audience. She is always ready to discuss her product, whether in a 90-second, 2-minute, or 5-minute speech.

Looking Towards the Future

Brow Boost has been a successful product for more than 2 years. Now, Tania continues to look to the future to see where she can set herself apart in the market. 

For Tania, this means going beyond what many would consider to be her typical customer. Surprisingly, at the beginning, her biggest customers and embracers were men who would use the brow gel on their beards. They would often ask for a product designed just for them. As a result of these requests, Tania developed Beard Boost, a product that is equally as popular as the original Brow Boost. 

Expanding Brow Boost

One of the most difficult decisions for a business owner to make is how and when to expand. At 16:10, Tania discusses her future goals for Brow Boost. She hopes to create new formulas, but wants to make sure any new products are crafted to the same standards as her existing ones.

Tania Speaks has an inspiring story that should serve as an example to every aspiring entrepreneur. With commitment, confidence, and also the right idea, difficult struggles can be the catalyst to a successful business. 

Learn More About Brow Boost

You can find out more about Tania’s story and Brow Boost at

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